Rental Property


a. In consideration of the covenant and conditions contained in this Lease Agreement, Owner rents to Occupant storage space at the storage facility at the above described site. Owner is not in the warehouse business, nor in the business of storing goods for hire.

b. Under no circumstances shall Owner be deemed a Bailee or other type of custodian.

c. Owner is not responsible for general maintenance or repair, including but not limited to snow removal, mowing and/or weed control, for outside storage areas.

d. Owner reserves the right to reject any property or unit intended for use on any site of the Owner including unsightly, wrecked or damaged property or units, at any time before and during the term of this Lease. The storage of Tires, Fuels, Drums, Asbestos Materials, Toxic Materials, and Hazardous Materials is Prohibited.

e. Occupant agrees to use the premises exclusively for the storage of personal property, merchandise, supplies or other material owned by Occupant, and for no other use. Occupant acknowledges that the Premises cannot be used for the purposes of conducting business or for human or animal habitation. Occupant shall not use the Premises in any manner that will constitute waste, nuisance or unreasonable annoyance to Owner.

f. Occupant shall not store any items on the Owner’s property outside the Occupant’s assigned storage area as provided herein. In the event Occupant stores any single item on the Owner’s property, outside the assigned storage area as provided herein, Occupant agrees to pay either a sum as liquidated damages and not as a penalty equal to one month’s rent based on the Occupants contracted rented space, for each item found outside the Occupants assigned space, regardless of the size of the item and regardless of the amount of time the item has been stored on the Owner’s property outside the assigned storage area, or twice the market rent for the Owner’s property that the Occupant has used, whichever is greater. If additional space is required, please contact the office to arrange for additional space.

g. Occupant’s use of the Leased Space on the Premises shall not result in the violation of any law or regulation of any governmental authority, including without limitation, all laws and regulations relating to Hazardous Materials, waste disposal and other environmental matters. Hazardous Materials shall include but limited to any hazardous or toxic chemical, gas, fuels, liquid, substance, material or waste, asbestos, tires of any kind, that is or becomes regulated under any applicable local, state or federal law or regulation.

h. Occupant agrees to access Premises during Owner’s hours of operation. Access may be granted at Owner’s sole discretion outside of Owner’s hours of operation, as stated, _DAILY 7AM-8PM.

i. Occupant acknowledges that Occupant is only approved to access the Premises. If Occupant desires to have other persons enter Premises, Occupant will supply written approval in person and copy of current Driver’s License of all occupants to Premises Manager. Approval to allow access is subject to Owner’s approval. Occupant is fully responsible for any and all actions and damages of such persons. If such persons violate any terms of this lease, such persons will be banned from the Premises.

j. Occupant agrees to maintain leased space in clean and orderly fashion, free of trash and debris, in Owner’s sole discretion. If failure to do so, Owner will notify Occupant to remove any and all debris and clean up leased space. Failure to do so within thirty-days (30), will result Owner removal such debris or items and clean space at sole cost of Occupant. Costs will also $100.00 penalty fee for each occurrence.